FreeWave Joins Rural Cloud Initiative

BOULDER, COLO. (November 9, 2022) — FreeWave® Technologies, a leader in industrial wireless technology, today announced a partnership with Trilogy Networks to join its Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI), a unique coalition of over 70 network, technology and applications providers advancing the digital transformation of America’s rural areas.

FreeWave joins RCI’s innovation partners in creating the technology and software solutions that will bring the power of cloud computing to local digital clients. Through these partnerships, rural communities will gain access to market-leading edge solutions delivered to them by trusted local partners, enhancing their business operations while improving local economies.

RCI will support live networks with true edge compute platforms, where real end-to-end solutions can be delivered for specific use cases within rural industries, precision agriculture, automated food processing, efficient energy production, telemedicine and industrial automation.

“We look forward to collaborating with Trilogy and RCI partners in bringing the digital revolution to rural markets,” said Kirk Byles, FreeWave CEO. “This opportunity is directly aligned with our long-standing mission of continuing to innovate for the sustainable future of our rural communities, leveraging our leading capabilities in edge computing and IoT cloud initiative. It is imperative that we figure out how to provide limitless connectivity with wireless, WiFi and affordable satellite solutions – the single-pane of glass visualizations of data and our data broker.”

“Rural America, especially the agriculture industry is ripe to undergo a digital transformation, delivering enormous productivity and economic benefit”, said Nancy Shemwell, COO Trilogy Networks. “AgTech made simple – is the key – Trilogy’s FarmGrid™ is the answer. A digital agriculture platform, simplifying connectivity challenges, delivering, and supporting AgTech applications on a single platform allows the grower to see and utilize the data being gathered by a variety of IoT devices. FreeWave and their suite of applications put the power of the data in the grower’s hands – allowing him to augment his decision-making capabilities with truly actionable data.”

About FreeWave TechnologiesBased in Boulder, Colo., for nearly 30 years, FreeWave Technologies have connected the unconnected with a reliable ecosystem of edge intelligent radios and solutions – manufactured in the United States – to optimize the extreme edge of remote industrial operations. FreeWave has a legacy of solving thousands of customer challenges globally across multiple industries, FreeWave can help transform and future-proof an operation now. Visit to get started.

About Trilogy
Trilogy is an established leader in the emerging Edge Compute ecosystem with the deployment of distributed Cloud installations across the United States. Trilogy recently founded the Rural Cloud Initiative, a coalition of network operators and technology providers committed to promoting and accelerating the digital transformation of rural America. In conjunction with network operators and edge innovation partners, Trilogy is utilizing its LinX™ virtual private network and ConEx service delivery platform to build a unified, distributed cloud capability on a single network fabric to cover 1.5 million square miles. To learn more, please visit or

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