FreeWave and MachineShop Team Up to Deliver a Turn-Key Solution for Amazon Web Services IoT Greengrass and Device Management for Industrial Applications

Los Angeles, CA – October 23, 2019FreeWave Technologies, a leader in long-range wireless radios and edge computing platforms, and and MachineShop, a leading provider of software infrastructure for connected devices, are teaming to provide a turn-key edge computing solution to seamlessly extend Amazon Web Services (AWS) computing to the edge. With the combination of Freewave’s ZumLink™ IQ and ZumIQ™ product families and MachineShop’s EdgeIQ™ Device Management and Orchestration platform the companies are jointly transforming how edge computing is deployed, managed, and connected with AWS IoT Greengrass and related services. The offering also provides a seamless, managed delivery mechanism for advanced Internet of Things (IoT) services from AWS.

FreeWave edge computing devices enabled with AWS IoT Greengrass and MachineShop’s EdgeIQ seamlessly extend AWS computing to the network edge, allowing industrial devices to act locally on the data they generate while still leveraging the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage. With AWS IoT Greengrass, connected devices can run AWS Lambda functions, execute predictions based on machine learning models, keep device data in sync, and communicate with other devices securely – even when not connected to the Internet.

“The partnership allows our customers the ability to modernize their industrial IoT network functions while leveraging their existing industrial infrastructure, a critical hurdle in the adoption and deployment of industrial IoT solutions,” said Kirk Byles, CEO of FreeWave Technologies. “Our partners and channels are thrilled to solve key pain points and hurdles by offering a turn-key, zero touch edge solution.”

“The ability to extend AWS services to the edge to execute local AWS Lambda functions and manage Machine Learning unlocks an incredible amount of value for a multitude of industrial applications,” said MachineShop Chief Product Officer, Mike Bauer. “We are excited to team up with FreeWave to deliver a complete out-of- the-box, high-availability offering that delivers a simple to deploy and use solution that accelerates our customers’ time to value for their edge computing projects.”

The new MachineShop EdgeIQ enabled FreeWave devices deliver:

  • Simplified Service Integration – Customers bring their own accounts and enter their credentials to automatically configure AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass; there is no need to pre-configure any service in advance.
  • Zero-Touch Deployment – Once connected to the appropriate network, EdgeIQ enabled FreeWave devices will receive all their necessary configurations, software updates and AWS IoT Greengrass and AWS IoT Core credentials.
  • Integrated Service and Software Update – Selectively upgrade services including AWS IoT Greengrass and applications by device or group.
  • Remote and Harsh Environment Device Integration – FreeWave’s long-range wireless solutions allow EdgeIQ and AWS IoT Greengrass deployments in remote industrial locations that are not within close proximity to the network core.

The joint offering also provides additional value through high availability and management features including:

  • Service and Device Monitoring – continuously monitor AWS IoT Greengrass, other services and applications at the edge to ensure optimal performance.
  • Automated Alerting and Notifications – Create and deploy user-specified policies, alerts, and notifications to take action based on predefined events.
  • Automatic Restart – Based on service monitoring, EdgeIQ enabled devices will automatically reboot or restart edge component including AWS IoT Greengrass as needed to ensure service availability.
  • Local Failover – Local, managed redundancy for AWS IoT Greengrass provides alternative to restart or re- initialization.

The integrated offering will be available shortly from FreeWave Technologies and their channel partners. For more information contact FreeWave at or visit

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