Earth Monitoring

FreeWave solutions are used globally in environmental monitoring to provide early detection and trend analysis.

The transport of critical data in real-time from remote and dangerous areas has saved thousands of lives from natural disasters.

Volcano Monitoring

FreeWave’s long-distance data links help organizations and agencies monitor volcanoes, while gathering critical seismic, meteorological, atmospheric gas and video data in real-time.

Earthquake Monitoring

Earthquake Monitoring

Research institutions use solutions like ZumLink and the HT Plus family to create geographically dispersed data networks to track earthquakes, landslides, and tsunamis.

Waterway Health Monitoring

Waterway Health Monitoring

Industry and research organizations rely on FreeWave’s rugged outdoor Wi-Fi and FHSS radios to connect IP-enabled sensors and other devices to monitor the health of seas, rivers, and lakes.


Ocean Current Monitoring & Undersea Robotics

Using the ZumLink line of radios, undersea robots transmit data and are controlled in real-time from ship/shore base stations for cutting-edge applications like Marine Current Power Generation.

Case Studies / White Papers

Ecuador Volcano


Data Sheets


Z9-PE (ZumLink)


Planning Your Network

FreeWave provides RF Path Studies to establish reliable wireless communications for your IIoT or M2M application.

As manufacturer of wireless data communications equipment, FreeWave has unmatched expertise in wireless data communications. Our extensive experience with RF and wireless communication systems ensure reliable wireless network designs.

Path calculation and testing is used to help design a reliable communication path for your application by optimizing the following:

  • RF Band (900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, Unlicensed and Licensed)
  • Communication Technology (Single Channel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, Wi-Fi)
  • Repeater systems
  • Antenna / tower heights
  • Antenna type and gain

Our services are used to determine the optimum FreeWave product, antenna height, pattern, gain, and azimuth required at each site. Radio links to and from each location are analyzed and designed for maximum data link efficiency.


The process is simple. Provide us with proposed site GPS data or longitude and latitude coordinates. If you have existing communications infrastructure, you should also provide antenna types and heights, along with gateway, repeater and endpoint coordinates. Please contact us to learn more.

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Success Stories

“[FreeWave] continues to perform extremely well, and has increased the real-time data quality for both GPS and seismic monitoring across New Zealand.”

–  David Croxford, National Sales Manager, Control Synergy