Intelligent Decision Making in Precision Agriculture

Modern businesses are making intelligent business decisions thanks to the Industrial IoT and its push towards increased connectivity. In precision agriculture, new technology has the potential to be a game changer for crop management, enabling more visibility over crops and intelligent decision making that directly impacts food output. However, according to a recent article from […]

IIoT News Headlines: Trains, Agriculture, Underwater and More

Industries around the world are being transformed by the Industrial IoT. We recently shared a blog with a report that estimates IIoT will experience explosive growth and approach one trillion dollars by 2025. From trains and under water applications, to agriculture, we are already seeing IIoT expand its reach today. However, we continue to see security as one […]

FreeWave Named Bronze Winner by American Business Awards and IT World Awards

We here are FreeWave are excited to announce that our ZumLink 900 Radio Series and Industrial IoT Programmable Radio (IPR) have been named bronze award winners by the American Business Awards and the IT World Awards, respectively. The ZumLink 900 series is comprised of the Z9-PE, Z9-T and Z9-C – all of which provide extensive future-proof networking […]

Smart Border Protection

Plans for “The Wall” at the U.S./Mexico border appear to be driving forward. Recent reports indicate that building the border protection wall could cost upwards of $22 Billion. However, news coverage suggests that there is a more cost-effective solution in using drones to create a ‘virtual wall.’ Time will tell whether the current administration will […]

FreeWave Named as One of “20 Most Promising Wireless Solution Providers 2017”

Today, CIO Review published it’s list of the “20 Most Promising Wireless Solution Providers 2017,” and FreeWave is excited to be included in that list along with many other notable industry leaders! CIO Review writes, “FreeWave delivers best-in-class wireless platforms for secure and cost-effective control, transport and collection of IIoT data.” Among other companies included […]


IIoT News RoundUp – Security, New Products and More

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) continues to drive big news headlines. Recently we’ve seen news on security, connectivity and new products. We’ve compiled a handful of the most compelling IoT headlines from the past couple of weeks (including exciting news from FreeWave). IIoT in the News How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Industrial IoT […]


April 5 Webinar (Recorded Version) – New WAVECONTACT Modular Wireless System

You demand rugged, simple, flexible and affordable wireless communications for your operations. FreeWave delivers once again, and is pleased to announce our NEW WAVECONTACT Modular Wireless System. It’s tough, intuitive and flexible.  In short, it’s everything you demand from wireless systems at an affordable price point. Built for short-range C1D1 applications, WAVECONTACT interfaces with almost […]

Drone in use

Drones and Emergency Response Teams – Friend or Foe?

The drone business has been flying high for the last few years, especially as they became popular consumer devices as regulatory and technological frameworks continue to take shape for greater implementation into the National Airspace (NAS).  Much has also been written though about the possibilities of drones igniting the next wave of innovation for enterprise specific applications […]

News Round-up: Wireless and Ethernet

As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) drives the production of connected devices, wireless and Ethernet-based technologies have become an important piece of the connectivity conversation. Entire industries are making digital transformations and it’s changing the way businesses operate. There are billions of IoT devices in service and development continues to ramp up. Recently, we’ve seen […]