FierceWireless: FreeWave Delivers Rugged IIoT to Mount Washington Observatory


Earlier today, FierceWireless published an article highlighting a recent joint case study from Mount Washington Observatory’s use of FreeWave’s FGR and FGR2 radios to collect vital climate data. Editor Monica Alleven pointed out several key factors that drive the success of the project: FreeWave says it’s known for its ability to maintain connectivity in environments […]

IIoT News Headlines: Trains, Agriculture, Underwater and More

IIoT News Trains

Industries around the world are being transformed by the Industrial IoT. We recently shared a blog with a report that estimates IIoT will experience explosive growth and approach one trillion dollars by 2025. From trains and under water applications, to agriculture, we are already seeing IIoT expand its reach today. However, we continue to see security as one […]

British Antarctic Survey Leverages Ruggedized Data Transport

British Antarctic

Antarctica inhabits a unique place in the human exploration mythos. The vast expanse of uninhabitable land twice the size of Australia has birthed legendary stories of human perseverance and cautionary tales about the indomitable force of nature. However, since those early years, Antarctica has become a rich research center for all different kinds of data […]

Top News: Manufacturing the Fate of Our Digital World

Top News Manufacturing

Manufacturing is in the midst reinventing itself on the heels of the latest IoT innovations. The industrial automation paradigm, which some say also gave rise to the lean manufacturing management philosophy, continues to influence organizations that wish to find new ways to capitalize on business opportunities in the digital age. Through that lens we gathered the top articles from the week and found some interesting perspectives. Some reports started suggesting manufacturing is in […]

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