ZumIQ™ App Server


FreeWave’s programmable ZumIQ App Server is hardware that provides ruggedized Edge Intelligence for IIoT networks and device ecosystems. Loaded with the ZumIQ Application Environment and standard serial and Ethernet interfaces, the ZumIQ App Server is a programmable network appliance that provides a secure home for applications that rely on sensor data to deliver industrial process intelligence.

Edge Intelligent Network Appliance

ZumIQ App Server allows industrial users to make better, faster decisions by placing sensor queries, analytics, and intelligence at the “edge” where operational devices reside.  By reducing reliance on core computers (or even the Cloud), ZumIQ App Server eliminates data bottlenecks and points of failure that are inherent in traditional industrial networks.

Deploy in ANY Network

ZumIQ App Server’s open-source platform allows the device to work with either custom or 3rd party applications. ZumIQ can execute multiple apps simultaneously and integrate into any type of Ethernet network; wired or wireless, even non-FreeWave networks.  Combine the ZumIQ App Server with ZumLink 900 Series radios to migrate to a smart wireless network.



Drones Environmental Monitoring government and defense Irrigation Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Oil and Gas Precision Agriculture Smart Cities Utilities


WavePro WP201


  • CPU: ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz
  • Operating System: Debian (Linux Kernal v3.14.1)
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • User Storage:  1 GB
  • Data Connectors: 1 Ethernet: RJ45, 10/100/1000 Mbps & 2 Serial: RJ45, RS232/RS422/RS485
  • Designed for Remote and Harsh Environments: Low power consumption, wide operating temperatures, and C1D2 certification
  • Hardened Industrial IoT Appliance: Develop applications using maker platforms such as Raspberry Pi and deploy with ZumIQ


Remote Tank Automation

FreeWave’s innovative 900 MHz ZumLink z9-PE Radio with the ZumIQ Application Environment combines intelligence at the edge with a state of the art high-speed radio communication platform. Now users can write Apps and integrate measurement, control, data storage and analytics at the sensor/device/radio level AND publish analytics to the cloud or another host system.

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High-Speed Network Upgrade

A large independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company expressed a need to upgrade an existing network in Texas in order to meet increasing data flow demands and implement field software applications that would help boost production.

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Remote Monitoring

An independent petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company based in Southern California sought cost-saving solutions that would replace manual well pad inspections and proactively identify potential operational problems.

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