FREEFLOWING Future-Proof for Fog Computing, M2M and the IIoT

With over 20 years of RF innovation under its belt, FreeWave is the undisputed leader in military unmanned systems and industrial wireless.  Millions of our best-in-class, outdoor, ruggedized radios have seen action in some of the most harsh and dangerous places in the world.  Our new Industrial IoT (IIoT) programmable radio platform makes Fog Computing, M2M and the Intelligent IIoT a reality.   Contact us today to learn how ZumIQ App Server Software transforms Process Control and Industrial Automation.   If it’s mission-critical intelligent wireless, it’s FreeWave.


With over 2 million mission-critical hours logged, FreeWave takes real-time command and control beyond Wi-Fi and cellular.


Manufacturers worldwide depend on FreeWave for wireless connectivity.  With embedded and board-level radios , FreeWave transforms your products into true IIoT solutions.


Low-cost, low-power smart sensors monitor and control infrastructure.  Leverage the power of the smart sensor with ZumLink and WavePro.


Well Pad Automation is driving safety, savings and efficiency for upstream companies of all sizes. With tech like WavePro and Zumlink, FreeWave drives intelligence at the well pad.


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FREE AT THE EDGE Platform name change: ZumIQ App Server Software

ZumLink IPR is now ZumIQ App Server Software

FreeWave has always been the intelligent choice for RF industrial wireless.  Our RF “IQ” is off the charts.  As such, we felt it necessary to rename the ZumLink IPR Platform to ZumIQ App Server Software.

ZumIQ App Server Software technology transforms wireless telemetry, and makes your industrial radio much more than just a radio.  It combines PLC functionality and radio communications in one platform to reduce costs and simplify operations. With ZumIQ App Server Software, you can develop process control Apps on the radio itself.

Now you can utilize ZumIQ with Node-RED to create cost-saving industrial Apps.  Join the ZumIQ Pilot Program to learn how.

Join the ZumIQ App Server Software Pilot Program

FREE AT THE EDGE Rugged, Simple, Flexible, Value

WAVECONTACT Modular Wireless Systems

WAVECONTACT delivers rugged, simple and flexible solutions, easily and quickly installed at a low-CAPEX or OPEX price point.  WAVECONTACT interfaces with almost any sensor in the field and is ideal for oil & gas, electric power, and water/wastewater. WAVECONTACT is built for short-range field applications where simplicity and ease of use in Class 1 Division 1 hazardous locations are critical for success.

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FREE AT THE EDGE Industry’s First Programmable FHSS Radio


A new and powerful breakthrough technology, ZumLink is the industry’s first 900 MHz radio that accepts third-party applications in JAVA, Python, C, C+ and GO. It connects to any IT device or sensor. Programmability allows ZumLink to put intelligence at the edge to control sensor functionality.

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FREE AT THE EDGE Rugged, Remote Sensor-to-Server


From the freezing cold to the burning desert, WavePro WP201 brings Voice, Video, Data and Smart Sensor (VVDS tm) links to the IIoT. The “2016 IoT Evolution Product of the Year,” delivers Wi-Fi to remote outdoor and industrial locations.

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FREE AT THE EDGE Rugged and Remote… Classic FreeWave

FGR2 and HTPlus Series

These are the proven 900 MHz radio families that stand up to the elements and yell: “Is that all you’ve got?!”  Available in both serial and Ethernet models, the FGR2 and HTPlus series of radios have stood the test of time and continue to deliver.

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Ecuador’s Instituto Geofísico [Institute of Geophysics of Ecuador] has been responsible for seismic and volcanic monitoring throughout the country since 1983. We helped them with their magma problem.


A large citrus grove in central Florida recently incorporated FreeWave Technologies’ industrial wireless M2M communications solutions in a study of autonomous tractors utilized for mowing operations.


City of Boulder’s Public Works Department (Transportation Division) wanted to improve the monitoring and control of its traffic management system to ensure a smooth flow of traffic into, around and out of the city.