ZumLink Firmware Update

FreeWave announces the release of firmware version for all ZumLink Enclosed Ethernet Radios (Z9-PE and Z9-PE-DEVKIT).

This new firmware version includes improvements which are not backwards compatible in frequency hopping mode with the original firmware release ( so it is required that all radios be upgraded to the same firmware version.

FreeWave recommends that your radios get upgraded with the new firmware version to take advantage of improvements and additional features, including:

  • IP Filtering – Prevents IP addresses not within the IP subnet from being transmitted.
  • Repeater – Allows a single radio to repeat (store and forward) traffic from one radio to another.
  • Terminal Server Activity Timeout – Provides a settable time that closes the port when no data is received through the socket connection for longer than the timeout period.
  • Diagnostic Support Bundle – Generates a zip file containing all the configuration and diagnostics information when IP address followed by /support is typed in a web browser.

You can download the new firmware version from the Support Section of the FreeWave website.  Note that you must be logged into the Support Knowledge Base to access and download.

A complete list of changes and improvements will be included in the updated Release Notes and User Manual which will also be found on the Support website.

Please contact FreeWave Tech Support for more information or assistance.

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