XPONENTIAL Recap: Drones and so much more

New Orleans had its sights in the clouds for this year’s AUVSI XPONENTIAL conference. A leading national show for unmanned systems aimed to provide entertainment, education and networking opportunities for more than 8,000 industry leaders and professionals from 55 countries. XPONENTIAL focused this year on oil and gas; agriculture; energy and utilities; construction; and command and control defense applications.

Starting off with a bang, national main stream media was drawn to those unmanned crafts in the sky, of all shapes and sizes headlining at this year’s XPONENTIAL.

NBCs TODAY Show anchor Gabe Gutierrez captured a stroll through drone road, where every craft in a mile radius magically took to the sky as Gutierrez walked by.

A common theme from this year was…

The XPONENTIAL team consistently found ways to remind us all how intelligent robotics will continue to transform our business, travel and everyday security. This level of awareness was their way of educating everyone to embrace this technological shift.

It’s about time for an FAA perspective!


FAA Secretary Huerta found time during the action packed few days to sit down with Miles O’Brien to discuss trending topics and regulation over this coming year with more UAS registered and flying in the skies.

Now let’s see what drones are charging into the agriculture scene this year!

Farming will never be the same, now that Yamaha is creating a sprayer drone. This UAS wowed the crowds at XPONENTIAL in true rockstar fashion, reminding us all that the future of agriculture will be merged with technology.

And it wouldn’t be proper to end this post without at least one brass band shot; we are in New Orleans, folks!

This brass band gave the XPONENTIAL crowd a warm southern welcome as the show got under way!

We also were thrilled to speak with the show organizers about how “IoT Rides on FreeWave Tech” in regards to debuting a beta version of new radio technology that leverages the Internet of Things movement to allow developers to program the product to perform functions previously unavailable on radios.

Thanks to the XPONENTIAL 2016 Team and congratulations to all that made New Orleans a hit this year!

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