News Round-up: Wireless and Ethernet

As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) drives the production of connected devices, wireless and Ethernet-based technologies have become an important piece of the connectivity conversation. Entire industries are making digital transformations and it’s changing the way businesses operate. There are billions of IoT devices in service and development continues to ramp up. Recently, we’ve seen several wireless and Ethernet technologies headlines in the news.

Wireless and Ethernet News

Is Ethernet Coming to the Network Edge?

By David Greenfield | Published on @automationworld

“We’ve tarBygeted a small scale, single-chip processing solution (to bring Ethernet to industrial edge devices) by reducing processor speed, memory and RAM size, reducing the interconnection complexity from processor to network interface, and reducing the pin count and complexity of the network interface,” said Weingartner. Essentially, “we’re bringing MAC into the PHY (the physical layer of the OSI model which connects a MAC to a cable), which is what Ethernet is all about. Doing this opens up possibilities not just for new implementations, but for brownfield applications as well.”

Wireless Electric Cars About to Hit the Road

By @robnikolewski | Published on @sdut

“What’s called dynamic charging foresees a future where vehicles charge themselves as they drive. Using coils embedded in roads, EVs would refuel as they stay in transit, creating their own self-perpetuating electrical loop. It’s similar to the way some mobile devices get charged.”

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