What’s New in IIoT

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is making waves as we inch closer to the end of the first quarter of 2017. Recently, Network World and Forbes,  published articles exploring the proliferation of Smart Sensors deployed for Edge networks. We are starting to see more coverage addressing the big challenges of IIoT, as well as the big opportunities. Other, IIoT-focused publications continue to highlight the latest mega-trends and research from leaders in the IIoT trenches.

Recent IIoT Headlines

Four Artificial Intelligence Challenges Facing the Industrial IoT

By @AAllsbrook | Published on @Forbes

“Companies building IoT devices are solving this challenge by using gateways, also known as edge-based processing, to connect to cloud-based IoT platforms. This enables the machines to get data to the internet. However, connecting devices isn’t as easy as updating software; instead, it’s an investment in retrofitting old machines, replacing existing equipment, and enabling a workforce to leverage this equipment.”

5 Things to Think about for Industrial IoT Readiness

By @ryan4francis | Published on @NetworkWorld

“In order to achieve the full potential of the IIoT, the gap between these two cultures needs to be bridged so that the competing priorities of IT and OT are met. We’re beginning to see the emergence of “industrial technologists,” who bring a combined IT/OT perspective to the enterprise. These “industrial technologists” understand that for IIoT to be a reality, “always on” availability needs must be met. Because they live in both worlds, they play a key role in meeting both OT and IT priorities.”

3 Keys to Financial Success in the Industrial Internet of Things

By @Scott_Nelson19 | Published on @CIOonline

“One of the most frequent misperceptions about the IIoT is that it is all about the machines. Traditionally automation saves cost by reducing the number of people required to operate the line. The machines are important, but today operational improvement, particularly of legacy systems, comes from leveraging and facilitating human knowledge and action.”

IoT Edge Shifts Data Gravity in the Enterprise

By @AAllsbrook | Published on @iotagenda

“But the internet of things is changing this gravitational constant in our technical universe. As IoT matures, the black holes of data gravity we have been placing into clouds will be ripped apart by millions of smaller data planets. These smaller planets will be located in our factories, warehouses, buildings, homes and everywhere else IoT runs to make data actionable.”

Smart Grid: Overcoming Data Exchange to Increase Efficiency

By @S_Allen_IIoT | Published on @SmartDataCo

“As sensors bring connectivity to more endpoints than ever before, utility decision makers are able to obtain detailed data for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distribution Automation (DA) networks. With rugged wireless solutions, the sensor data is readily available in real-time for IT decision makers. The unrestricted access to data from all network endpoints forces decision makers to shift their focus from Big Data to Smart Data – the data that matters most to the business. It also drives the need for real-time analytics in order to streamline operations. This not only simplifies the convergence issue, but it drives Smart Grid efficiency.”


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