What’s new from FreeWave? The ZumIQ App Server

Introducing the first programmable ZumIQ™ App Server network appliance to deliver ruggedized edge intelligence for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and sensor ecosystems.

Industrial users want to harness the power of edge intelligence by deploying applications in their wired and wireless networks. Our customers tell us they are developing software applications on developer platforms and require a rugged C1D2 device, like the ZumIQ App Server, for application

This programmable network appliance provides a secure home for applications relying on sensor or device data to deliver industrial process intelligence. Utilizing the same ZumIQ Application Environment as FreeWave’s ZumLink 900 Mhz Industrial Radios, the product works with either custom or third-party applications and can execute multiple applications.

Key benefits of the ZumIQ App Server include:

  • Versatile App Development and Deployment utilizing any Linux-compatible language.
  • App Deployment to Wired or Wireless Networks in combination with FreeWave ZumLink 900 MHz Industrial Radios or other wired or wireless devices.
  • Edge Intelligence in Harsh Outdoor Conditions with a rugged C1D2 designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and can last for years in the field.
  • Low Power Consumption ideal for remote deployments requiring batteries, fuel cells, solar, wind turbines or DC non-grid power sources.
  • Enclosed and Board-level Versions which provide enclosure and deployment flexibility.

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