What’s Your Emergency Communications Plan?

As our cities become increasingly connected and transform into Smart Cities, there is an opportunity to streamline emergency communications. Cities and municipalities can leverage a variety of advanced technologies and incorporate them into their own emergency communication plans.

Emergency management decision makers tasked with improving city-wide emergency and disaster plans now have access to technology that can assure connectivity in the harshest weather or environmental conditions; increase visibility into dangerous environments; and, optimize response times.

Wireless Short-haul for the Win

Wireless short-haul solutions can create an industrial-strength Wi-Fi connection that was built to withstand earth’s most challenging conditions. These Sensor-2-Server (S2S) types of technologies are used for a variety of municipal and government use cases, but they are particularly suited for outdoor communication needs. While they are often used for day-to-day use, such as traffic management, they are a viable option for providing secure, reliable connectivity as part of any city or local government’s emergency communication plan.

VVDS for Emergencies

With an industrially hardened, high-speed wireless short-haul solution in place, cities can experience the benefits of Voice, Video, Data and Sensor (VVDS) information, even when cell towers are overloaded. In a world where we increasingly rely on connectivity, it is essential to keep government and municipalities online during the worst-case scenario.

Industrial-grade Wi-Fi that is tested and proven in the most extreme weather conditions is designed with that in mind – keeping local government officials and first responders online. As a result, rescue efforts stay motion. With a VVDS-enabled technology in place, first responders achieve additional visibility into conditions. This real-time view allows for fast action that minimizes collateral damage. It also protects first responders, giving them an advantage in dangerous situations and offering a real-time view of environment they are heading into.

Secure, Reliable Solutions

Industrial wireless short-haul networks also offer the benefits of being highly secure. There are solutions with encryption capabilities that prevent data hijacking. As more cities become Smart Cities, decision makers will need to make Smarter emergency communication plans that align with the new technology landscape. There are S2S solutions on the market today that are designed for unrelenting performance in the outdoors. These solutions enable better response times, secure data transmission, increased visibility and higher-level risk assessment.

When emergencies strike, every moment counts. Having a reliable connection can make the difference in saving lives. Is your city leveraging wireless short-haul solutions for emergency preparedness?

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