What We’re Thankful for in IIoT

As we approach Thanksgiving, we can’t help but reflect on what an unforgettable year it has been. Transformation and innovation have been at the forefront of the digital technology landscape as Industrial IoT emerged as a clear game changer. Businesses, looking to modernize and stay competitive, are changing the way they operate – and we are incredibly grateful that we get to play a small role in their efforts to adapt digitally.

Businesses, especially those in the industrial and commercial sectors, now have the ability to incorporate intelligence and automation at the most remote edge of their networks. Today, we are looking at networks that can reliably monitor data, execute logic locally and enable visibility globally through the Cloud.

In these times of transformation, learning, and change, we’ve found a lot of things to be thankful for. Here’s what we are thankful for in IIoT:

Business Transformation and Beyond

Businesses are transforming in ways we never thought possible thanks to the powers of automation through IIoT technology. Today, organizations are focusing on things like increased throughput, intelligent hardware, app dev and security as they look to improve their business operations. With the right set of technology in place, ROI happens fast and production is optimized.  With new approaches like fog and cloud computing we are expecting to see more bandwidth and better real-time data analytics in these types of networks where data is critical for operations. Beyond the business benefits, IIoT is set to improve things like environmental and seismic monitoring

Edge Intelligence

Businesses today have the option of leveraging low-power FHSS technology to automate processes at the network edge. The proliferation of smart sensors and high-bandwidth devices makes low-power FHSS technology a viable and cybersecure wireless data option. By employing FHSS technology, businesses can take advantage of intelligent edge communication devices that can be deployed as process automation nodes that make decisions and take action at the Access Level (or at the sensor or device).

Increased Safety

Thanks to devices at the edge and self-healing networks, IIoT has enabled environments where less manpower is needed in the field, facilitating a safer work environment in industries where field sites can be hazardous. Modern technologies can now collect data in remote and hazardous environments, significantly reducing the number of trips to unsafe locations. The reduction in man power in the field, allows companies to re-focus that man power where it’s needed to improve business operations.

Opportunities for developers

New hardware solutions have the ability to host third-party applications at the edge of the network. This has created a big opportunity for developers to create apps designed for IIoT needs. Additionally, as Node-RED programming has risen, it is has become feasible for non-developers to create proprietary applications without a computer engineering degree. Professional developer or not, there is plenty of room for app development in IIoT.

IIoT is changing the way businesses operate and we now have the power to make decisions that optimize production and minimize downtime. As a technology provider in this space, it is an incredible opportunity to innovate and create solutions that meet both today’s needs and the demands of tomorrow. We’re thankful for the opportunity to innovate in this space, but most importantly we’re thankful for our employees, customers, and partners who are on this journey with us.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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