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Evolved for IIoT and ready to transform your operations, today.

Edge operations are ripe with opportunities for greater efficiency and optimization—but you need the data and visibility to find them.

Now with FreeWave’s platform, you can have it all.


FreeWave has combined our proven long-range industrial wireless radios with edge computing capabilities, transforming the extreme edge of your operation into a connected part of your enterprise.

We’ve taken our rugged OT products, designed for low-power operation across wide temperature ranges, and infused them with IQ intelligence.

FreeWave’s IQ Application Environment is an open source development platform to deploy and run applications in any Linux-compatible language. With IQ onboard, you can easily and reliably bring intelligence to the edge, where remote operations take place.

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Accelerate IIoT transformation with the FreeWave edge computing platform.

Solve Customer Problems. Enable Smarter Operations.

Download our eBook to discover how FreeWave’s IQ platform is enabling industrial enterprises across verticals to:

  • Distribute data processing to free up bandwidth and minimize latency to gather more data, more quickly
  • Access real-time data in centralized dashboards available to all department to analyze and act on
  • Allow industrial devices to act locally on the data they generate while leveraging the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage
  • Power real-time monitoring, edge automation, predictive optimization, and more – using existing infrastructure


ebook on industrial edge computing


IQ is delivered through our Zum family of products, including:

Hardened, C1D2-certified edge computing solution

  • Ensure uptime of edge applications in even the harshest outdoor environments
  • Execute multiple apps simultaneously and with low power consumption
  • Flexibly deploy in any wired or wireless network architecture

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Edge computing and communications all in one

  • Gain edge computing and connectivity capabilities via a single hardened hardware product
  • Enable wireless data communications in the unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum – a secure and cost-effective long-range alternative to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or LTE

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How to Buy

Pre-Integrated Editions

FreeWave also offers our IQ-infused solutions with additional software pre-installed, giving you even greater out-of-the-box functionality in a hardware product made for industrial demands.

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Why Now?

FreeWave has been connecting remote industrial operations for 27 years, but the proliferation of sensors and devices is driving new demands for compute power at the edge as well. We saw the opportunities facing our customers and evolved our platform so that they can:

Address Data-Intensive Realities of IIoT

Distribute processing to occur at the source, where the remote asset operates.

  • Decrease network latency
  • Optimize bandwidth


Create Data Transparency

Enable anytime, anywhere access of field data by any stakeholders that need it.

  • Collect high-fidelity data for new insights
  • Eliminate silos with cloud-based access


Foster Interoperability

Connect disparate devices using open, secure connectivity options such as MQTT.

  • Enrich existing infrastructure
  • Connect to cloud for enriched insights


Enable New Business Models

Combine real-time operational data (OT) with longer-term insights (IT) to power:

    • Predictive and preventative analytics
    • Transformative process optimization


Your Intelligent Edge is closer than you think.

With FreeWave as your partner, IIoT is not a far-off vision but a near-term reality.
iq application environment

Build On
What You Have

Rapidly enhance, not replace, your existing infrastructure – at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to replace PLCs or RTUs with such enhanced capabilities.


Our open source platform ensures you are not tied to proprietary protocols or processes, and allows for secure “plug-and-play” scalability as your number of connected assets grows.

Future-Proof Your Operations Today

Immediately gain expanded capabilities for high-fidelity data capture, analysis, control, and automation via a single IIoT platform that is easily scaled as your edge computing needs evolve.


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