IIoT Edge Applications: Small SCADA

In a small SCADA environment, remote monitoring and automation are important tools for creating operational efficiency and ensuring cost-effective solution deployment. Real-time data in small SCADA environments enable programmable radios to act upon data at physical locations of the sensor or device. As such, processes can be remotely monitored and controlled without the Cloud. You still can send data to the Cloud, but only the data you need, when you need it. This frees up network bandwidth and minimizes latency significantly. In industries where even milliseconds count, this kind of Edge intelligence can mean the difference between ops in the red or ops in the black. We recently announced the release of our ZumDash application, which is hosted on our ZumIQ App Server, and can function agnostically across different I/O systems and networks. In a small SCADA environment, the ZumDash is ideal for real-time data aggregation and transmission. It is capable of running both at the Edge on hardware, as well as the Cloud, ensuring uninterrupted functionality. In an oil and gas setting, ZumDash can empower field operations managers via the intuitive dashboard display that can be customized to fit individual needs. Additionally, the app itself is powered by Node-RED programming, making it easy to configure on the fly, along with the ability receive real-time alerts for any operational needs like inspection, parts replacement, or troubleshooting. Essentially, having a remote monitoring and automation system powered by programmable Edge radios that can host proprietary third-party apps like ZumDash enable companies to more effectively deploy resources, saving time and money across the board. For any companies in the Industrial IoT space – or companies that rely on dispersed assets and asset management – intelligence at the Edge can be the true difference maker for your organization. For more information about the ZumDash Small SCADA application, please visit: https://www.freewave.com/zumiq-remote-access-control/ To learn more about the full ZumIQ solution, read case studies or download solutions briefs, please visit: https://www.freewave.com/zumiq/

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