IIoT Top News: CES 2016 & the Fate of IoT

All eyes appeared to be on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas since last week, as more than 3,600 companies unveiled the IoT and IIoT innovations we can all expect to see in the coming year. This year’s CES showcased plans to make the car a complete mobile office—with technology in place to allow Skype […]

Earth-Shaking: Resiliency & Smart Infrastructure Lead Seismic Monitoring Efforts

Seismic monitoring tends to pop up in the news only during disaster situations, or, more recently, in conjunction with North Korea’s possible detonation of a hydrogen bomb. Earlier in 2015, The New Yorker ran a piece, “The Really Big One,” looking at the probability of a large earthquake destroying the Pacific Northwest. The earthquake off the […]