Where is RF Technology for Oil and Gas Headed?

The entire landscape of the oil and gas industry is changing. Not only has the industry downturn forced operators to rethink their business models, but the RF technology supporting industry operations is quickly changing. It is more important than ever to make intelligent business decisions with the right technology in place.

As a decision maker for your organization, you need to be aware of the technology that is pointing towards the future of automation and RF technology. Challenge yourself to think beyond basic command and control and picture a fully connected network – from Sensor-2-Server. Here’s a quick snapshot of the technology movement we are seeing in the oil and gas industry right now:

  • The installed base of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices is growing. More technology in the field allows operators to access more data from more sensor access points – on a grander scale than ever before. The ability to leverage Big Data supports intelligent decisions that will optimize business operations and cut down on expenses.
  • The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the future of communication technology. With IIoT, data can be transported from its collection point to wherever it needs to go – anywhere in the network. This has sparked a convergence of OT and IT operations, driving RF technology networks closer to the concept of complete connectivity. With a fully connected network, decisions are made based on comprehensive data, which drives intelligent problem-solving. With that type of insight, you could better disperse your resources, leaving a positive impact on the organization for years to come.
  • Sensor-2-Server (S2S) solutions that deliver intelligence to the access layer are critical to industry success. S2S solutions bring intelligence to the access layer, enabling edge devices to do more than simply transmit data. They support highly detailed data analysis such as predictive analytics. Imagine the operational decisions you could make with a complete set of data from the outermost edge of your network all the way back to the server.
  • IoT App development is the next big thing. Programmable third-party applications are on the horizon of the wireless RF solutions market. These apps will support machine learning, distributed intelligence, predictive maintenance, and more at the edge of the network. Technology is being designed to enable these applications – which have the potential to lead the industry to the next frontier of RF technology.

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