Outdoor Wi-Fi Solution in Your Future?

Is an outdoor Wi-Fi solution in your future? Modern Sensor-to-Server (S2S) communication networks call for high-speed solutions that support massive amounts of data collection, control and transport. Today, industrial organizations are experiencing high demand for voice, video, data and sensor (VVDS) information in wireless outdoor networks. The challenge is finding Wi-Fi networks that can ensure connectivity in outdoor environments that are often volatile and unpredictable. The good news — robust, secure outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot platforms designed for shorthaul communications enable a variety of data collection options that can withstand the harshest outside elements.

Reputable outdoor Wi-Fi networks can leverage multiple networking protocols and services. They are designed to meet the needs of enterprise-scale communications across a wide range of critical infrastructure industries like oil and gas, utilities, mining, municipalities, perimeter security, disaster recovery, and outdoor recreation. Keep in mind this is just snapshot of the industries that can benefit from Wi-Fi – there are numerous applications in just about any outdoor Internet of Things (IoT) network.

Outdoor Wi-Fi | Real-life Scenario

Recently, an electric power company based out of North Carolina needed to transition the Direct Load Control (DLC) switches for its residential load management program. The transition affected 275 air conditioning (AC) units across two rooftops at a residential senior living community. WavePro (WP201) shorthaul point-to-point and Wi-Fi platform units were used to enable the transition. In this instance, Wi-Fi was leveraged to increase the Load Management System’s (LMS) effectiveness by creating two-way communications to switch monitoring and control, instead of the previous one-way paging system that was in place.

A local internet service provided communications from the LMS to a rooftop Internet Point of Presence (PoP). Additional solutions, including Wi-Fi enabled controllers and Wi-Fi access points (four WavePro Units) were selected for the installation.  The WavePro units were configured to solve three communication requirements in the Wi-Fi network: wireless communications between the controllers and a WP201; wireless communications between the four WP201s on the two rooftops; and communication between one WP201 and the single Internet PoP.

The completed Wi-Fi solution enabled real-time communication between the LMS and each of the HVAC controllers on the two residential towers. The energy company can now effectively manage and confirm power curtailment events in real time.

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WavePro Features:

  • IP67 rating to withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • Advanced dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz capabilities that can cut through noise and congestion with band steering
  • Self-discovery and self-healing mesh networking guarantee reliability
  • Up to 1.3 Gbps broadband speeds deliver real-time Voice, Video, Data and Sensor links (VVDS™)

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