The Next 30 Years of IT

At Interop Las Vegas back in May, InformationWeek Executive Editor Curtis Franklin sat down with Senior Editor Sara Peters about how IoT is changing everything we know in IT, especially in the industrial enterprise. From predictive analytics, to security, to ROI, see why Franklin and Peters view the next 30 years of IT starts with IoT. Here are some key trends and considerations worth noting:

  • We’re starting to see a clear division between the consumer and industrial markets as far as the evolution of IoT. The Industrial IoT (IIoT) space looks to be growing, developing and maturing at a faster rate than the consumer IoT space.
  • The concept of predictive maintenance and advanced analytics is where a lot of innovation and excitement is happening for a few reasons:
    • The end-to-end enterprise IT toolchain is now being viewed holistically, looking at how data and information travels from the sensors at the edge of the network, through the different networking and communication modalities and all the way back to the big data analytics engines at the core network (further reading: Sensor-2-Server).
    • As a result of the new intelligence and operational efficiencies that are being realized, companies are seeing hard dollar returns which provide the capital to make new investments in these emerging technologies
  • Security is a legitimate concern and while the pace of innovation might be slowing the adoption or rollout of new IoT technologies, vendors and service providers recognize the importance of the security paradigm and are building encryption and authentication into their systems.
  • Interoperability of networks – are they being taken for granted? Perhaps there is even more on the horizon as far as how different technologies and networks integrate.
  • The progression of new RF standards has been slower than most expected; will it pickup from here? The answer is most definitely and through ubiquitous networking and other advancements with RF and digital engineering, we will see innovations in the application layer of networks over the next five years that we can only dream about today.


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