Network Management Solutions for IIoT

The shift towards digital technology solutions and the rise of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have transformed operations for many organizations. Currently, there are a number of wireless communication solutions available that are specifically designed for IIoT, M2M and SCADA networks. These technologies monitor, collect and transfer critical data in challenging environments to support mission critical use cases. As technology continues to advance, Sensor-to-Server (S2S) technologies have emerged to support advanced data practices, such as predictive analytics.

IIoT has not only increased the number of devices in the field, but has also brought the OT and IT departments closer together. This convergence is challenging for many businesses as they look to find technology that will meet evolving demands. IT, for example, needs better field visibility as industrial networks become more connected every day. This need has driven a strong demand for detailed, real-time information solutions that will support IT network operations. Having a network management system (NMS) at the access layer helps meet those needs and companies like E2E have begun to offer NMS solutions specifically for IIoT, M2M and SCADA networks. These networking solutions help overcome some of the major visibility issues from an IT perspective and are suitable for operation in challenging environments .

FreeWave’s NMS Partnership

FreeWave recently announced a new technology partnership with E2E Technologies. E2E’s Stingray Network Management System (NMS) will support FreeWave’s WavePro™ wireless communication solutions. Stingray is optimizable for IT professionals looking to manage individual components of a limited IoT or M2M communications system within a larger IT network management framework. Companies in energy, utilities, municipalities, government, oil and gas, and more will benefit from this solution as they now have a technology solution designed to help bridge the IT/OT convergence gap.

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