Who Needs Rugged, Outdoor Wi-Fi Networks?

When we think about Wi-Fi, we tend to lean towards the idea of connections that allow us to access our mobile devices. With a Wi-Fi connection we can stream videos, access our apps, check email, work and basically manage our digital lives. In non-traditional settings, the need for outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity is increasing, but it is accompanied by some unique challenges.

Outdoor Wi-Fi  Connectivity

Industries that operate mostly outdoors are finding a greater need for Wi-Fi connectivity. Campgrounds are providing Wi-Fi as both an amenity and as a tracking and booking tool for managers and campers alike. Golf courses have deployed industrial-scale Wi-Fi networks to monitor irrigation, golfers and other assets throughout a course, and marinas are using Wi-Fi networks for both communication and vessel management needs.

There has also been a strong uptick in the use of industrial Wi-Fi networking for security programs and disaster response. Companies can use  high-speed Voice, Video, Data and Sensor (VVDS) data transport as building blocks for a security network capable of real-time monitoring. These Wi-Fi solutions are especially ideal for video monitoring, as they provide the bandwidth necessary to transport large amounts of data. Disaster response has also been an ideal application for industrial-scale Wi-Fi. Often times, cell networks can get knocked out during environmental disasters, effectively eliminating a critical component for communication. Today, organizations can deploy these Wi-Fi platforms on vehicles or other response assets that can enable communications in emergency or disaster situations.

For any industry with outdoor operations, assets will be exposed to the worst natural elements – extreme heat, freezing temperatures, heavy snow, strong wind, dust storms and more. The challenge is finding a shorthaul, Wi-Fi solution that is rugged and secure enough to withstand the elements, but also advanced enough to enable new types of high-speed, high throughput application solutions.

Rugged Wi-Fi Communication Solutions

There are solutions designed for robust, secure transport of VVDS information for the edge devices in industrial communication networks. These rugged, shorthaul communication networks are specifically designed for outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity and have proven reliability in extreme environmental conditions.

These types of solutions are ideal for oil and gas, utilities, mining, power plants, municipalities, disaster recovery or any other type of industrial applications. They also suit innovative deployments at golf courses, marinas, campgrounds and other settings that require outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity.

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