Hacking: A Cybersecurity Top News Edition

Hacking became a scary reality last week as we all witnessed Twitter, Airbnb, Amazon, PayPal, CNN, Spotify and Reddit simultaneously get hit with a massive Denial of Service (DoS) attack. This attack also interrupted hundreds of other sites and internet connected devices from functioning properly.  For months, we’ve been hearing about the need to protect and secure our networks and devices. As the world steps further into the digital landscape, it’s clear that new advancements around cybersecurity tactics and strategies need to be addressed. Many are calling for standardization as a means to collectively thwart attacks and identify problem areas. Due to the proliferation of IoT technology and billions of connected devices, our critical infrastructure projects are those that may deserve the most attention in the short term.

Read on for this week’s top cybersecurity news highlights that shine a light on the hacking aftermath and the inherent cybersecurity risks we should all be aware of in the IoT space.

Exposed to Hacking

Cybersecurity Experts are calling for Internet of Things Standards in Wake of Massive Attack

By @ethanbaron | Published on @mercnews

“In the assault Friday that blocked access to hundreds of websites, including Twitter, Airbnb, Amazon, PayPal, CNN, Spotify and Reddit, thousands of hijacked “internet of things” devices  bombarded a New Hampshire company called Dyn with traffic.”

The Lessons From the East Coast CyberAttack

By @josephinecwolff | Published on @Slate

“This is an important lesson of online security and often an incredibly difficult one to impress upon users: Even the accounts and computers and machines that you don’t care about being.”

Why Businesses Need to Secure Connected Devices to Win Consumer Trust

By @jeffjohnroberts | Published on @FortuneMagazine

“The issue now is whether the government should do more to regulate the Internet of things (IoT), or if we can instead trust companies and the market to solve the problem.”


This Attack Was Different–Cyber Threat Draws Utility Warnings

By @BlakeSobczak | Published on @EENewsUpdates

“Department of Homeland Security officials, who say they are investigating the attack on Dyn with the FBI, have warned that some smart-grid devices could be inadvertently swept up into attacks on other websites or key internet infrastructure.”

Top Five Biggest Threats to IoT Security

By Hannah Williams | Published on @cbronline

“Hackers have recently been able to obtain access to a wide variety of connected devices, which has prompted new concerns over the security threats of the Internet of Things.”


Cybersecurity: The Biggest Threat to Automated Trucking

By @AaronHuffCCJ | Published on @CCJnow

“A single point of failure, or security breach, in a supply chain has far-reaching effects for all parties. Transportation companies must therefore think beyond their own IoT network perimeter, he advises, as the march towards automation continues.”

As we conclude another round of top news highlights, we hope to have opened your eyes to modern cybersecurity considerations. As technology continues to evolve, we must continue to learn how to better protect our IoT interests upon exposure to hacking.

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