FreeWave at ENTELEC Booth #313

The ENTELEC Conference & Expo gives you the opportunity to network with professionals from the petroleum, pipeline, natural gas and electric utility sectors.  We’d like to discuss our new ZumLink, WaveContact and WavePro solutions and how they can make your operations run smoothly. We will be there from April 25-27.

Demonstrations at the Booth

Stop by for live demonstrations of our Sensor-2-Server (S2S) solutions at Booth #313. You’ll also have a chance to view our latest Industrial IoT (IIoT) offerings, including rugged, flexible solutions for use in C1 D1 hazardous locations and programmable solutions for communications at the edge of the network. Find out why these solutions are ideal for the wireless oilfield.

Technical Sessions

Scott Allen, Chief Marketing Officer at FreeWave, will also lead two technical sessions at ENTELEC:

Sensor-2-Server: Execute Locally, Communicate Globally
Wednesday, April 26 in Room 310B from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.

The idea of comparing data in motion (at the sensor level) to data at rest (in a big data server warehouse) with predictive analytics in the cloud is very appealing to the industrial sector. The problem big data vendors have, however, is access to that data in motion at the sensor location. Legacy SCADA systems are inadequate and there are very few options for the local execution of predictive analytics applications to apply changes actively in the field. This presentation covers Sensor-to-Server intelligent communications for the IT access layer in regards to collecting and transporting data that supports higher-level analytics.

IT/OT Convergence: The Impact from the Industrial Internet of Things
Thursday, April 27 in Room 301B from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

The integration of IT & OT promotes process management tools that help ensure every stakeholder in an organization has accurate information. As OT products, such as PLCs and RTUs, become more aligned with commercial software infrastructures, integrating OT information with IT systems at a process level is difficult. Getting these systems to work together to maximize business efficiency is more challenging. IoT networking technology enables large quantities of information to be readily available – allowing these high-speed data transport technologies to be the true enabler in IT/OT convergence. Critical industries, like utilities, need high-speed connectivity, but also want to maintain security standards and protocols. With high data capacity OT networks, the overhead of Internet and security protocols is no longer critical to network latency and SCADA applications for communications. OT/IT networks now use the same Network and Transport layers, clearing one of the fundamental barriers to convergence.

We are looking forward to an action packed conference and we hope to see you  there!

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