Drone World: Applying IIoT Applications

“Drone World” may seem a bit overboard, but the fact is, drones are here to stay. We’ve spent time in these pages looking at unique and innovative drone applications in industries like utilities, precision agriculture, and even lifeguarding. Today, in honor of Memorial Day, we would like to take a moment and honor those men and women serving in the armed forces, by highlighting interesting government drone technology uses.

Drones ‘Shot Into The Sky’ By The U.S. Navy

The BBC News informs us how these innovative instant flight drones could be used as a method of defense for ships at sea suddenly burdened by a swarm of enemy drones. This project is known as LOCUST and it aims to launch a swarm of drones at high speed. Elizabeth Quintana from the military think tank Rusi believes that, “Drones could be used to take out enemy swarms at sea.”

Drones That Can Sniff Out Radiation

The Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) officials have recently purchased two drones to be a view from the sky in case of an emergency to sniff out and detect signs of radiation. It will be important to use these unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in situations that are to dangerous for humans.

Other Applications of Drones

Drones aren’t just for the government anymore, in fact we are already starting to see the industries below finding ways to improve safety, service and efficiency with the implementation of drones.

Emergency Response
Enables immediate action, providing emergency response teams with fast, flexible visibility to assess critical situations.
Safely allows for the quick inspection of high voltage power lines and wind turbines, helping mitigate worker risk and improve monitoring.
Military & Defense
Assisting with intelligent surveillance and reconnaissance missions to deliver timely, relevant, and assured information to thwart potential threats.
Oil & Gas
Protects and helps maintain extensive miles of pipeline covering large, remote areas that would otherwise require enormous amounts of time and resources.
Creates more efficient farms by monitoring inventory, growth, water and fertilizer levels, and crop health to facilitate production and increase yields.
Public Safety
Supporting firefighting operations by providing more up-to-date information at a lower cost, while reducing the number of responders in harm’s way.

We hope you have enjoyed our quick drone world recap, and as always tell us what we missed. The next time you see a drone flying in the sky, think about all the possibilities that drone or fleet of drones could be providing.

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