Data Connects Life: A Deeper Look at the Power of Connection for IoT Champions

Every day, the world shifts in a new digital direction, making our lives simpler and equally more complicated all at the same time. I can vividly remember the introduction of email. I had just started my career in tech, and I kid you not, my coworkers and I questioned the efficiency of this new digital communication system. Back then, taking the time to craft an email, when I could easily make a phone call or walk to the office next door, felt foreign and unproductive, but now, decades later, I can’t imagine my life or work without the power and ease of email communication. 

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s change, and when we meet change with adaptability and curiosity, we can create and sustain a more connected world, one where technology invites us to innovate, collaborate and engage with each other and the environments we live in! 

More technology. More data.

The Mckinsey Global Survey has found that our global response to the pandemic has accelerated the rate of technology by several years. What does that mean for real people? Over time, we have discovered a new world filled to the brim with data that both informs and transforms our day-to-day lives. From smartphones to traffic management systems, the Internet of Things (IoT ) is revolutionizing life as we know it, connecting us to more people, places and systems than ever before. Connection is a powerful tool, and when harnessed effectively, it can change the world. 

The interdependent relationship between our natural and digital world is quite profound; in today’s society, we operate as one. In smart agriculture, for example, effective data can make a significant difference in overall crop and herd health, which, in the end, affects us all. Whether we’re on the farm, on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean or in our own backyards, technology connects us. Data is everywhere, and when this data is measured and distributed carefully, it transforms entire industries. 

Accessing the data you need on your terms

For the last 28 years, FreeWave Technologies has pioneered a unique IoT revolution, reinventing the way industrial IoT is used in the modern market. We connect the unconnected with a reliable ecosystem of edge intelligent radios and solutions to optimize the extreme edge of remote industrial operations. Through our software, we provide IoT champions with real-time data insights to create better and more sustainable businesses.

To achieve transformative operational optimization, industrial leaders need visibility into data and the ability to proactively manipulate that data and act on the insights gained from it.  Our vision is to build an ecosystem of edge intelligent radios and solutions to transform the extreme edge of industrial operations into a connected part of their enterprise. Our integrated edge connectivity and computing solutions provide expanded capabilities for high-fidelity data capture, analysis, control and automation via a single industrial IoT platform that is readily scaled as each edge computing need evolves. We call it a single pane of glass.

With a legacy of solving thousands of customer changes across multiple industries and deployment in 39 countries, the goal is to continue to future-proof operations so that remote work becomes more autonomous and, dare I say, simpler.  It all brings us more connected with our collective purpose to create a better and more sustainable world.

Data connects life. The more we see, the more we understand, and the more we understand, the more equipped we become to make better decisions. As the Director of Marketing at FreeWave, I am closely connected to the people and operations most impacted by our work. I know firsthand how powerful connection is for the IoT champions we serve, and every day I witness the power of data to transform the world. 

Putting it in perspective

Take the water and wastewater industry, for example; in this industry, clear and controllable data insights are key to achieving effective operational management. At FreeWave, we provide these actionable data insights such as moisture levels and weather predictions through our sensor and weather monitoring technology, which ultimately allow water and wastewater industry leaders to be proactive in their business rather than reactive. A proactive and informed approach to operational management makes the difference in creating a more sustainable environment, and a more sustainable environment transforms our communities and the surrounding world. 

FreeWave’s productivity technology is removing barriers to data and helping industry leaders solve unique challenges like never before. Where some people may only see tech software – a little box with some wires, chips, and sensors  – a much deeper reality occurs. We are all connected, and today, IoT champions get to leverage the power of this connection, along with technology and data, to create a better world, one industry at a time. 

I am so proud to work for a company that is connecting the world in unique and innovative ways. Every day, I see the impact of technology and what it means to be more connected through data, giving us critical insight. What we do with that data is where the magic happens. This is where we can use connectivity to push boundaries for greater innovation, make best use of our people, create safer work environments by understanding what’s happening in hard-to-reach terrain, and even take bold action to architect a more sustainable world.  


Picture of Sue Moore
Sue Moore

Sue Moore is global director of marketing for FreeWave, provider of industrial wireless and IIoT solutions for people passionate about the beauty of a data-informed world.

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