2017 Analyst Predictions – Industrial IoT

Predictions can be enlightening as we round out the end of the year, and industry analysts covering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have begun forecasting what to expect in 2017. In the ever changing digital business landscape, companies need to keep a pulse on the technology and regulatory environments to have direction on where to focus their efforts. Over the past few years, IIoT has taken on the shared title of industry 4.0, as new ways of connecting businesses and consumers impact systems infrastructures and technology integrations across many, if not all. business lines.

In honor of reigning in 2017 as a strong year for the industrial internet, we have dedicated this week’s round up to highlight some of the top IIoT analyst predictions in the coming year.

Gartner Predictions: Surviving the Storm Winds of Digital Disruption 

By  Daryl C. Plummer, Martin Reynolds, Charles S. Golvin,  Allie Young, Patrick J. Sullivan, Alfonso Velosa, Benoit J. Lheureux, Andrew Frank, Gavin Tay, Manjunath Bhat, Peter Middleton, Joseph Unsworth, @rayval@DavidFurl, Werner Goertz, @JCribbs_Gartner, Mark A. Beyer, @Alex42Linden@noahelkin@nheudecker, Tom Austin, @mc_angela, Fabio Chesini, Hung LeHong | Published on @Gartner_inc

“Digital business innovation creates disruptive effects that have a wide-ranging impact on people and technology. However, secondary ripple effects will often prove to be more disruptive than the original disruption. Digital strategists must actively identify secondary effects when planning change.”

Gartner Also Suggests That its Time to, Harness IoT Innovation to Generate Business Value

By @chetster | Published on @Gartner_inc

“The Internet of Things is moving beyond concepts and trials, and has begun to deliver business benefits across a range of industries. Studying innovation and how early use cases have fared will help CIOs and IT leaders capture business value.”


Forrester Predictions 2017: Cybersecurity Risks Intensify

By @AmyDeMartine, Jeff Pollard, @infosec_jb@acser@heidishey, Christopher McClean, @jz415@merrittmaxim@sbalaouras, Trevor Lyness, Peggy Dostie | Published on @forrester

“The connected world has arrived; we live and work in it. In this new reality, the next 12 months will see battles rage that will determine the amount of control individuals have over their own data and right to privacy as well as the offensive and defensive responsibilities of our governments. This report guides security and risk (S&R) pros through five predictions for 2017 that highlight escalating ramifications of poor security hygiene and how to mitigate potential damage.”


Ovum 2017 Trends: Radio Access Networks

By @sonixag | Published on @OvumICT

“This is part of Ovum’s 2017 Trends to Watch series. This report looks at what Ovum believes will be the major trends next year when it comes to the radio access network (RAN) market.The RAN market remains a challenging area and the need for spectrum remains a constant concern. RAN vendors are looking for new growth areas, and everybody wants 5G and they want it now. All of these factors are driving market trends.”


IDC 2017 Forecast: Manufacturing Worldwide

By @kimknickle, Simon Ellis, @hashtonIDC, Christopher Holmes, @jeffhojlo@ivanoortis@VeronesiLor, Jing Bing Zhang | Published on @IDC

“This IDC study provides manufacturers with the top 10 predictions and underlying drivers that we expect to impact manufacturers’ IT investments in 2017 and beyond. Technology leaders and their counterparts in the line-of-business (LOB) operations can use this document to guide their IT strategic planning efforts. According to Kimberly Knickle, research vice president, IT Priorities and Strategies, IDC Manufacturing Insights, “Technology continues to reshape the relationship between business and IT for innovation and digital transformation. Manufacturers want to work smarter using digital technologies in their products and processes and throughout the value chain. Our predictions create a framework for IT and line-of-business executives to plan and execute technology-related initiatives in the year ahead.”


As we conclude our highlights this week, we should realize these predictions are just the tip of the digital iceberg anticipated for 2017. The future could see more intelligent technologies communicating in industry 4.0 with machines processing more data. We could also expect to finally dig deeper into our IoT connected understanding. All we can do is hold tight as the next corner of digital transformation unfolds.

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