case studies


Ecuador Volcanoes

The M2M solutions play an important role in the big responsibility in Ecuador for warning those at risk.

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New Zealand Volcanoes

GeoNet is able to report remote seismic monitoring data more accurately and effectively across the vast New Zealand landscape, even in harsh weather conditions.

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Solarbeam designed new software exclusively to leverage FreeWave’s reliable wireless M2M communication solutions.

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Head of the Hooch

FreeWave’s solutions were proven to work in even the harshest of weather conditions

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Colorado Golf Course

The golf course now has an industrial grade, Wi-Fi network that addresses their current Wi-Fi and M2M requirements.

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China National Petroleum Company – CNPC

Within 30 minutes, the new M2M communication devices were installed.

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Petrobras’ engineers were impressed with FreeWave’s ease of installation.

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Rocky Mountain Communication Systems – RMCS

They wanted a solution that could overcome these obstacles with easy deployment and maintenance, but was also reliable and cost effective.

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Florida Orchard

Florida Orchard Deploys Autonomous Tractor for Precision Agriculture Research

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Boulder Traffic

The need to enable a smart cities application was critical to helping Boulder continue to flourish.

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Water Treatment

The Scadata system has saved SVPWD 50 percent in costs and is expected to save more over time

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HVAC Control

DEF was able to install and bring online a network that enabled its real-time load control program.

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Water Management

The city designed a system using FreeWave’s cost-effective RGRIO and FGR series radios to handle single and low I/O data points using the ModBus protocol.

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Mexico City Smart Grid

FreeWave’s network design and purpose-built solutions give CFE’s M2M communications the flexibility to achieve optimal connectivity.

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Dairyland Power

Having an internal communications network helps control costs, provides system reliability, and ensures network security.

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Hawaiian Electric

The goal of FCI project for HECO was to reduce outage time by isolating faults and increasing response time for its customers.

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Water & Sanitation District

Provided a faster, more reliable M2M communication network to ensure optimization of water operations.

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National Power Grid

The outdoor, self-healing WavePro network has been installed since October 2015, performing with outstanding 100 percent uptime.

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