ZumIQ Application Environment – Pilot Program

FreeWave invites you to join our Pilot Program

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Do you have app development chops?

The ZumIQ technology allows you to combine wireless or wired telemetry with the ability to program and host 3rd party Apps for intelligent control and automation of remote sensors and devices.

ZumIQ is real-world Intelligent Edge and Fog Computing technology that changes the very nature of process control and automation.  Join our Pilot Program to develop new apps and help change industrial control as we know it!

Pilot Program participants:

  • Receive a complimentary hardware/software Dev Kit
  • Get support from FreeWave software engineers
  • Should have App developer’s skills

What if you could…..

  • Collect, analyze and react to data in real-time at the sensor edge?
  • Reduce BIG DATA that clogs data pipelines?
  • Minimize the cost of expensive PLCs?
  • Control your sensor at the closest touchpoint?

Let’s discuss:

  • Use cases that would help you or your organization solve a problem
  • Problems you would like to solve
  • Developers that could build this App