WAVECONTACT Modular Wireless Systems deliver rugged, simple, and flexible solutions at a low-CAPEX or OPEX price point for a wide array of industries and applications.  WAVECONTACT interfaces with a wide variety of sensors deployed in industrial and critical infrastructure markets such as oil and gas, electric power, water and wastewater, and environmental monitoring. The product line is built for short-range field applications where simplicity and ease of use in Class 1, Division 1 hazardous locations are critical for success.

For Water/Wastewater plants, WAVECONTACT enables enhanced distribution system monitoring using continuous real-time data from source to tap, and allows plants to automate control processes, collect/store data, generate analytics and display real-time operational data.

For electric grid applications, WAVECONTACT allows for reliable real-time monitoring and control of generation sources and substations, and costs significantly less than fiber-optic lines or laying cable.

Featuring Class 1, Division 1 certification and easy install, WAVECONTACT is the perfect wireless solution for the modern oil field. Click here to learn how WAVECONTACT is driving the wireless oil field.

Real-Time Wireless Applications:

  • Tank level monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Remote shutdown
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Fluid flow measurement
  • Chemical injection/flow measurement
  • Gas monitoring
  • Contamination monitoring
  • Remote sensor configuration

Key Features:

Rugged for Remote Industrial Environments
  • Robust products for Class 1, Division 1 outdoor installations
  • Battery and solar devices power sensors
Simple to Install and Operate
  • Easy configuration with network up and running in minutes
Flexible Networks with Modular Endpoints
  • HART, Analog, Digital, Modbus interfaces
Cost Competitive at a Low-CAPEX Price Point
  • Installed costs competitive with 60 feet of installed conduit
  • Allows data transmission not feasible with conduit (road crossings, paved facilities)

Manage Endpoints

WC45i Gateway

Integrated wireless gateway provides a management system for all WAVECONTACT I/O products. WC45i stores sensor data in a Modbus format and manages outbound communications.

Gather Data at the Edge

WC20i Modular Endpoints

Wireless endpoints power and transmit data from HART, AI, DI, Modbus, RTD, Thermocouple sensor devices. Intrinsically safe Class I, Division 1 classification.

Connect Wireless Pressures

WC30i Pressure Sensors

Wireless pressure sensors are quickly installed and deployed at a low-CAPEX and OPEX price point. Intrinsically safe Class 1, Division 1 classification.

Duplicate Analog and Digital Signals with Wireless

WC25i Wireless I/O Module

Deploy wire replacement to implement industrial automation where wired installations would be cost prohibitive.

Interface Modbus Devices with Wireless

WC40i Modbus Wireless I/O

Automatically read and transmit sensor registers at user-definable intervals, and write Modbus registers. The WC40i Modbus Endpoint uses the same easy-to-use table driven configuration interface as the WC45i Gateway.

Configure Intuitively

FreeWave WC Toolkit

Swiftly deploy WAVECONTACT wireless networks with simple device setup.

Data Sheets

WC45i GateWay

WC20i Modular Endpoints

WC30i Pressure Sensors

Planning Your Network

FreeWave provides RF Path Studies to establish reliable wireless communications for your IIoT or M2M application.

As manufacturer of wireless data communications equipment, FreeWave has unmatched expertise in wireless data communications. Our extensive experience with RF and wireless communication systems ensure reliable wireless network designs.

Path calculation and testing is used to help design a reliable communication path for your application by optimizing the following:

  • RF Band (900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, Unlicensed and Licensed)
  • Communication Technology (Single Channel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, Wi-Fi)
  • Repeater systems
  • Antenna / tower heights
  • Antenna type and gain

Our services are used to determine the optimum FreeWave product, antenna height, pattern, gain, and azimuth required at each site. Radio links to and from each location are analyzed and designed for maximum data link efficiency.


The process is simple. Provide us with proposed site GPS data or longitude and latitude coordinates. If you have existing communications infrastructure, you should also provide antenna types and heights, along with gateway, repeater and endpoint coordinates. Please contact us to learn more.

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Success Stories

“FreeWave clearly has validated its dependability over the years and continues to take a methodical approach with our data communications network.”

– Ron Visconti, SCADA Communications Manager, Williams Field Services