ZumLink™ Firmware Version

New Firmware Release for ZumLink 900 Series Ethernet and OEM Radios

Released December 31st, the ZumLink Firmware Version includes Network Diagram, Native Modbus support, and VLAN tagging — underpinning FreeWave’s commitment to ongoing product development and product quality initiatives.

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fgr2 series product line


  • Network Diagram Visualization
  • Native Modbus Support
  • VLAN Tagging



Our Firmware v1.1.1.2 is available for the following ZumLink models:

  • Z9-P
  • Z9-PE

  • Z9-PC

  • Z9-PC-SR001

We recommend upgrading all of the ZumLink models listed above to Firmware v1.1.1.2. Customers with a desired specific firmware version will need to specify the Firmware version on their purchase order.

The following files are available on FreeWave’s download page:

  • ZumLink Firmware v1.1.1.2
  • ZumLink Firmware v1.1.1.2 Release Notes
  • ZumLink User Manual

Download Firmware Update

Data Sheets

Z9-P, Z9-PE, and

Future-Ready Industrial Ethernet Radio
Download Data Sheet

Z9-PC, Z9-PC-SR001,

OEM Series
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ZumLink Firmware v1.1.1.2 Highlights

Management Enhancements

  • Network Diagram visual representation of Radio Network, RF Communication Path, and Link Quality
  • Improved encryption configuration (added Encryption Configuration table)

Native Modbus Support

  • Allows radio diagnostics and settings to be read via Modbus
  • Connect to device via Modbus
    • Modbus TCP
    • Modbus RTU over TCP
    • Modbus RTU using COM1 or COM2 serial port
  • Supports requests from external Modbus RTU serial device using Com1 and Com2
    • Configure Com1 and Com2 for Modbus pass thru handler
    • Any Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU over TCP, and Modbus RTU request will convert to a serial Modbus
    • Acts as a Modbus TCP to serial Modbus gateway

VLAN Support

  • VLAN tagging 802.1q (ports and services)

ARP Filtering

  • ARP requests of a device have a path to the desired IP addresses and are filtered from non-desired IP addresses.


  • ZumLink radios with Firmware v1.0.7.0, v1.1.01 and v1.1.1.2 ARE RF compatible at all data rates.
  • ZumLink radios with Firmware v1.0.4.x and v1.0.6.0 ARE RF compatible with Firmware v1.1.1.2 when operating at 115.2kbps, 1Mbps, and 4Mbps date rate.
  • ZumLink radios with Firmware v1.0.4.2, 1.04.3, and ARE NOT compatible with Firmware v1.1.1.2 when operating at 250kbps and 500kbps data rates.

Starting December 31, 2018 all future orders of the ZumLink models listed above will have Firmware v1.1.1.2 installed unless specified during the order process.


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