Get clear visibility into your ranch operations wherever you are

No more trekking out to manually collect the insight you need. With a simple install you can receive reliable, low-cost data about your critical ranch infrastructure — giving you peace of mind not to mention a more efficient and sustainable operation. Yes, it even works in far, remote areas with limited connectivity.

Producers, we hear you

You rely on a complex management to keep your operation moving. You live it day in and day out.

On top of everything else, you have to check fluctuations daily—and manually, at that—which increases both labor and fuel costs. And let’s face it: that method doesn’t really let you stay ahead of potential issues, does it?

So here's how we can help

It’s time to take back your ranch from the wondering about your ranch assets. IoT connected devices and network solutions from FreeWave can help with connectivity in remote areas, including those with limited or no connectivity. 

By receiving early warning notifications, you can easily monitor things that you need to track regularly.

Best part? You can deploy solutions quickly without having to worry about a costly, long implementation or set-up. 

The data doesn’t go directly from the equipment to your phone. The Water
Level Monitor routes the data to FreeWave servers via satellite where it’s stored
and accessed via your device or computer just like any other website.

The Tank Level Monitor is made and tested in the United States in our Boulder, CO headquarters facility.

Benefits that flow right in

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