Introducing Our New ZumLink™ and ZumIQ™ Radio and Edge Solutions

FreeWave has expanded our ZumLink and ZumIQ offerings to include the most sought-after features and capabilities to meet growing data collection, processing, and delivery demands at the edge.

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zumlink future-ready industrial radio

Key Enhancements

  • Additional Ethernet Port

    Eliminates the need for an additional Ethernet switch to reduce overall system cost while increasing flexibility.

  • Phoenix-style Power Connector

    Eliminates the need for a separate power adapter to simplify installation and stocking requirements.

  • 1GB RAM

    Doubles what was previously available so that more powerful applications can be deployed at the network edge.

  • Input Voltage Sensing

    Enables input voltage measurements to be monitored and acted on by network systems and applications.

  • Full VLAN Support

    Including tagging, untagging, and assignment of a management VLAN.


ZumLink Models

Z9-P2 and Z9-PE2

ZumIQ Models

ZIQ-P2 and ZIQ-PE2



These new models are now available for purchase! Contact your regional rep to place your order.

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Are the Zum products right for my application?

We’ll help you decide. See an example of these radios in use, or tell us your operational requirements so that we can recommend your best-fit solution.

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