FreeWave Remote Management for Zum radio series


Our remote management platform makes life easier for industrial site operations managers.

FreeWave Remote Management allows you to monitor your devices and network remotely, and seamlessly deploy software updates to your edge devices. FreeWave Remote Management also seamlessly orchestrates data to cloud platform providers and includes on-device software and a cloud portal for device management.

FreeWave Remote Management provides:

  • Health monitoring for devices and remote log retrieval, alerts, and notifications
  • Seamless software management and zero-touch deployments for all your devices
  • The ability to connect to the cloud platform of your choice for data orchestration

FreeWave Remote Management is available on all Zum radios.

Key Use-Cases​

  • Fleet Management

  • Onboard devices, define device profiles, configurations, account designation, locations, deployment policies, and automation

  • User & Account Management

    Create and manage users, account hierarchy, roles, and permissions

  • Wellness Monitoring

    Heartbeat reports, alerts, notifications, and diagnostic logs with service ticketing integration

  • Software & Configuration Management

    Schedule, deploy, manage software updates for FreeWave firmware, FreeWave applications, and Zum device connectivity settings

  • Cloud Data Orchestration

    Bring Your Own Cloud account and have your industrial data flow directly to AWS IoT Core or Azure IoT Hub

  • Enterprise System Configuration

    Integrate device health data into your ERP or custom dashboard via APIs

  • Seamless AWS IoT Greengrass deployment

    Zero-touch provisioning to install, run, and monitor AWS IoT Greengrass and AWS Lambdas


Future-proof your operations with cloud-enabled edge intelligence.