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IoT Controller Gateway V2 – Cellular LTE

The ModuSense Controller Gateway V2 is a set and forget device, automatically relaying data from near-by (or directly attached via the RS485 port) sensors such as Hive Scales, Environmental Monitors, River Levels or Tank Levels.

Cellular: When connected to the cellular network the device will transmit hourly and include the data from near-by sensors.

Battery Backup: Automatically charged via a solar panel (or optional mains power pack), the on-board battery provides ongoing operation at night and in bad weather when mains power is not viable.

Online Reporting: Use the ModuSense Cloud dashboards to manage your data, set alert levels and generate reports.

Mobile App: Use the ModuSense App to manage your data and set alert levels.

Ongoing Costs: Requires a ModuSense Controller Subscription.

Upgradable: The ModuSense Controller Gateway has a mPCI port allowing it to be upgraded to include Satellite communications, get in touch to find out more.

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