ModuSense Indoor IoT Gateway

Indoor IoT Gateway

The ModuSense Indoor IoT Gateway is a set-and-forget device, automatically relaying data from nearby sensors such as HiveBeats Environmental Monitoring sensors.

The Indoor IoT Gateway connects to your existing network using the built-in Ethernet port.  Simply plug an Ethernet cable between this port and your network switch or router and the Indoor IoT Gateway will pick up an IP address using DHCP.

Data scanned from nearby Bluetooth sensors such as the HiveBeats Environmental Monitoring sensor will automatically be routed to the ModuSense Cloud Platform so long as your network has Internet access.

Range. For best results, the Indoor IoT Gateway should be in the same room as your sensors.  It will still pick up sensors through some walls however this will reduce the overall range.

Power.  The Indoor IoT Gateway is powered by one of the following inputs:

  • 5V micro-USB input (cable supplied).
  • PoE (802.3af, <350 mA)

Online Reporting:
 Use the ModuSense Cloud dashboards to manage your data, set alert levels and generate reports.

Mobile App: Use the ModuSense App or HiveBeats App to manage your data and set alert levels.

Ongoing Costs: Requires an active ModuSense Platform subscription.


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Is ModuSense right for my application?

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