FreeWave Fusion™ Satellite

FreeWave Fusion™ Satellite:

Get Turnkey, Low-Cost Connectivity Anywhere in the World

Create a drop-in, worldwide low bandwidth satellite connection with robust edge compute for less than virtually all other satellite products available today.

Fusion Satellite is the low-cost satellite solution you’ve been searching for, letting you connect remote applications or assets in challenging and changing network environments. Connect assets across the globe with 25 messages per day at a rock bottom data rate, and get seamless drop-in connectivity for stranded assets and unprecedented real-time visibility.

Fusion Satellite represents a new era in connectivity.

Until today, businesses exploring low-bandwidth telemetry solutions in remote and rugged environments had little choice. Satellite-based telemetry solutions were expensive, hard to design, build, and operate, and company leaders had to choose between pricey options intended for more complex data types. 

Customers can leverage the plug-and-play capabilities offered by Fusion Satellite to access data from their remote assets easily. In addition, Fusion Satellite benefits from the FreeWave Edge application suite with built-in protocol adapters (Modbus, TotalFlow, and more).

With Fusion Satellite, you can send and receive small amounts of data for a low service cost. In addition, Fusion Satellite:

  • Gives you an always-on connection to remote assets worldwide
  • Makes intelligent reporting and data management easy
  • Features a long lifecycle and low operational costs
  • Simplifies device pool management
  • Provides rugged reliability


Fusion Satellite costs up to twenty times less than products from existing satellite providers, and it’s explicitly designed for IIoT applications. It also offers two-way communication, so you can pull data and send commands. 

Which Industries Can Benefit from Fusion Satellite?

  • Smart Agriculture
  • Maritime Industries
  • Energy
  • Environmental Research
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewables
  • Transportation
  • Utilities 
  • And More


FreeWave Fusion Satellite Gateway

Fusion Satellite provides global connectivity with Edge capabilities to operations with large numbers of remote, mobile, or hard-to-connect assets.

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