Today, data is currency. Are you making the most of yours?

Are you tired of lost, inaccessible, or low-quality data? Do connectivity gaps and network congestion frequently impact your business? 

Breathe life into your operations with FreeWave Edge, now supporting ABB Totalflow. 

FreeWave Edge clears the path for innovation. We’ll keep connectivity issues, data gaps, or poor quality data from getting in the way of achieving your mission. 

Manage and access real-time data from your devices no matter where they are 24/7/365. 

With FreeWave Edge, you can retrieve real-time data from every device, no matter where it is on the planet. But data accessibility is only one part of the equation. FreeWave Edge also lets you manage those devices and customize alerts from a straightforward dashboard, so you have a consistent snapshot of operational activities.

FreeWave Edge now includes support for ABB Totalflow protocols and an ABB Totalflow driver that integrates with existing Edge features like:

  • Edge Data Polling
  • Customized Alerts
  • Threshold and Rapid Change Alerts
  • On-Demand MQTT Reporting
  • Protocol Support (Modbus, ROC, ABB, Totalflow, Bluetooth Sensors, and More) 

Additional FREEWAVE EDGE Benefits

  • Rapid real-time data updates with edge polling
  • Real-time alerts for rapid issue detection and response
  • Operates in parallel to existing SCADA polling without upgrades
  • Over-the-air publishing with up to 50% network traffic reduction
  • Reduced infrastructure costs for endpoint expansion
  • Increased data reliability

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Learn how FreeWave’s Edge Platform, with edge polling and alarming, future-proofed Faulconer Energy’s systems, lowered costs and minimized operational failures. 

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