Fiber failover


Our Fiber Failover Solution solves the everyday challenges faced by utilities, cement plants, water treatment facilities, oil and gas, pumping stations, or any system with failing fiber infrastructures where connectivity redundancy for telemetry is required.

FreeWave’s Fiber Failover Solution provides connectivity failure detection, offering near-instantaneous switchover from fiber to our RF link, preserving data connectivity.

Protect your data links and guarantee data delivery with our complete Fiber Failover Solution.  

Key Features

  • Easily integrates with existing fiber connectivity without losing the original functions
  • Comes with Fusion Bridge, fiber failover, native fiber link connection, and local electrical interface (serial and ethernet)
  • Manage and customize alerts for complete control 
  • Our wireless link gives you maintenance-free and reliable long-range redundant connectivity 
  • Secure your connectivity in rugged environments
  • Create a secondary data failover path to avoid connectivity failures

Protect Your Data Link from connection failure with FreeWave Fiber Failover. 

Our Fiber Failover Solution enables monitoring, controlling, and prioritizing the RF or fiber link failover switch during data link failures. It also allows for redundant data connection and selectable data redundancy paths that let you prioritize fiber or RF as the primary data link.

Don’t let connectivity issues impact progress. Start your connectivity journey with FreeWave today.

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