FreeWave Remote Management on AWS IoT – intelligent devices made smarter at the edge.

FreeWave Remote Management on AWS IoT let you to quickly and securely connect and manage on-site industrial devices – with the option of including AWS IoT Greengrass to take your edge intelligence even further.

What is FreeWave Remote Management?

FreeWave Remote Management allows you to monitor your devices and network remotely and seamlessly deploy software updates to edge devices. It also seamlessly orchestrates data to AWS IoT and includes on-device software and a cloud portal for device management.


Zero-touch Device Management
Masking the set-up, monitoring and management steps of advanced AWS services allows customer to focus on optimizing the way AWS services are used in their solutions. Once configured, all AWS data and device management functions execute directly from the edge to AWS IoT Core.

High Availability
To maximize system uptime, FreeWave Zum devices fully configure and manage edge-based AWS IoT Greengrass redundancy and failover

In-Depth Service & Device Monitoring
Devices continuously monitor AWS IoT Greengrass-installed AWS Lambdas and other services at the edge to ensure optimal performance

Automated Policy Based Alerts 
Users can create and deploy alerts and notifications to take action based on predefined events based on user-specified policies.  

FreeWave Remote Management Provides:

  • Health monitoring for and remote log retrieval, alerts and notifications
  • Seamless software management and zero-touch deployments for all your devices
  • Ability to send data directly to AWS IoT Core for data orchestration

With FreeWave Remote Management and AWS IoT Greengrass, you can act on data where it’s collected and benefit from the cloud even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

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Freewave’s AWS IoT Greengrass Compatible Hardware


AWS Solution Brief Download Datasheet

AWS Solution Brief Download Datasheet

Future-proof your operations with cloud-enabled edge intelligence.