FreeWave | ModuSense

Transform your remote assets into intelligent data

Open doors to efficient operations, informed decisions and increased productivity. With off-the-shelf SaaS solutions and flexible gateway sensing, ModuSense delivers real-time data from your most remote sources straight to your digital device. And backed by FreeWave’s ecosystem of IIoT solutions, it optimizes the extreme edge of remote industrial operations and creates a more connected enterprise. 
Simply unbox, activate and let the data flow.

With everything from sensor devices to IIoT gateway products, get exactly what you need to deploy remote data collection 

IIoT Air Quality Station Satellite (Swarm):

This cellular or satellite-connected environmental monitoring solution comes pre-configured with the required sensors as well as low-cost communications options.

IIoT Gateway Satellite (Swarm):

Featuring both cellular and satellite communications, it automatically relays data from nearby sensors such as hive scales, environmental monitors, river levels or tank levels.

IIoT Weather Station Satellite (Swarm):

This cellular or satellite-connected remote weather monitoring solution comes pre-configured with integrated sensors and low-cost communications options.

Indoor IoT Gateway:

Automatically relays data from nearby sensors, such as HiveBeats Environmental Monitoring sensors, and seamlessly connects to your existing network.

OEM Hardware/SWARM Satellite Modem:

Comes with a patch antenna (for GPS)
and whip antenna (for satellite) that simply hooks up to your project and interface over UART or USB.

Visualization of your data is key

Monitor things like weather, air quality, soil moisture and product yield—right on the Data Portal:  

Turn your data into something useful,
get access to insights faster and add value
to your business almost instantly—with ready-to-use dashboards or completely custom solutions.

Bring intelligent remote data to your business

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