FreeWave Fusion™ Satellite

Welcome to a new era of remote connectivity

Say hello to the future of remote data, real-time monitoring and two-way satellite communication. As part of FreeWave’s IIoT ecosystem, Fusion Satellite provides global connectivity with Edge capabilities for all your remote, mobile and hard-to connect assets—no spotty connections, no breaks in coverage. 
Whether you’re in the smart agriculture, oil and gas, waste water or energy industry, we’ll get you connected.

Bring worlds together with data convergence and real-time visibility. With Fusion Satellite’s robust IIoT gateway capabilities, you can access reliable data, drive new operational efficiencies and improve asset management with ease.

Key features

GPS enabled:

Creates a two-way communication link that allows applications to send and receive information, even to the most remote assets.

Utilizes FreeWave EdgeTM:

With built-in protocol adapters, our on-device data management software allows you to retrieve real-time data from your IIoT sensors and devices

Data management and cloud storage:

Integrates data with your unique operational systems using dashboards and data visualizations.

Ability to create and configure custom applications:

Includes a full REST API on-board and a
Linux-based runtime environment.

On-device configuration and diagnostic tools:

Enables you to easily set up and run
regular diagnostics. 

Visualization of your data is key

Monitor things like weather, air quality, soil moisture and product yield—right on the Data Portal:  

Turn your data into something useful, get access to insights faster and add value to your business almost instantly—with ready-to-use dashboards or completely custom solutions.

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