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March 21, 2019

FreeWave Technologies CEO Kirk Byles To Debate New Approaches to Achieve IoT Innovation at the Edge at Upcoming MIT 2019 Connected Things Conference

The “Clash of the Titans” forum will also feature Dell’s Chris Wolf in a point/counterpoint style format

Boulder, Colo., March 21, 2019 – FreeWave Technologies CEO Kirk Byles will participate as a speaker at the upcoming MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge Connected Things IoT conference on March 25 at the MIT Media Lab, in Cambridge, Mass. In what promises to be an engaging session, Byles will face off in a Point-Counter-Point: IT vs. IoT — “Clash of the Titans” themed forum against Dell Technologies’ Head of Global OEM and IOT Partnerships, Chris Wolff. The debate? Which approach to delivering IoT at the edge will drive the results enterprises need for an acceptable ROI.

“The key challenge CIOs face right now is efficiently accessing and acting on insights generated by remote sensors and devices that are stranded in the field,” says Byles. “Our vision is to help industrial enterprises get more out of their existing OT systems and network, faster and building on the technology they already have in place. Our ruggedized edge intelligent solutions give enterprises a reliable path to modern IoT capabilities at a fraction of the time and cost to replace legacy equipment.”

With deployments in more than 32 countries, FreeWave’s long-range industrial M2M wireless solutions help enterprises connect, control and optimize remote machines and processes in ways that enable smarter actions, significant efficiency gains and immediate cost-savings in some of the most remote, challenging and rugged environments in the world. Their devices use translation application on the edge to allow for the better use of data by converting it to MQTT.

“What is often misunderstood is what technology is actually needed at the extreme edge, where communications networks often run on low-bandwidth connections and have no dedicated power source,” says Byles. “Our ruggedized C1D1 Low Power Edge computer is capable of performing in environments where everything is running on solar or battery power. Our edge is not necessarily where others can or even want to go. I look forward to a lively discussion at MIT.”

Also an event sponsor, FreeWave will demo its new ZumLink™ Industrial Radio and IQ Application Environment at the event, both architected to satisfy the needs of enterprises who want to transform from IT Cloud to OT Cloud with edge computing in one device.

About FreeWave Technologies

With deployments in over 32 countries, our products are leveraged by industrial end users and OEMs alike to connect, control and optimize remote machines and processes in ways that enable smarter decisions, significant efficiency gains and immediate cost savings. Throughout our 25-year history, we’ve helped thousands of customers – government/defense, UAV/drone, precision agriculture, energy and smart grid networks — achieve reliable connectivity for data telemetry and command and control in some of the most challenging, remote and rugged environments in the world. Today, we are transforming the extreme edge of operations – and the proliferation of smart devices within it — into a connected part of the enterprise with our IQ edge computing platform and ecosystem of solutions evolved for IIoT. Are you ready to transform your operation?

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