Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

FreeWave Contract Manufacturing


FreeWave’s cost-effective US-based manufacturing solution is the answer to your printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing needs.

You can benefit from our decades of in-house manufacturing experience.

We can solve your manufacturing challenges to help your business achieve on-demand flexibility. FreeWave can be an extension of your business – a true partner with internal capabilities and a proven track record.

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Many businesses need to scale due to new client opportunities, demand increases, change management, or global environmental challenges. 

These businesses must shift their R&D and manufacturing capabilities to support emerging opportunities. 

FreeWave helps clients scale their operations and implement capability and capacity based on fluctuating demands. Contract manufacturing is the best way to maintain business continuity and output when our global economy is disrupted. 

We’re your Contract Manufacturing
Services Solution. 

    FreeWave Capabilities

    Key Features

    • Capitalize on all available opportunities
    • Monetize production costs
    • Reduce risks and secure intellectual property (IP)
    • Scale your organization and manufacturing processes
    • Improve customer and employee experiences
    • Expand your reach and improve global logistics

    FreeWave Capabilities

    FreeWave Capabilities

    Manufacturing Process Highlights

    • Quick quote to shipping process
    • Components sourcing and procurement
    • Global logistics
    • Planning and prototype development
    • PCB fabrication and assembly
    • Best-in-class Samsung SMT equipment
    • Through-Hole and Hand-Add Assembly
    • Single and Double-Sided PCBA’s
    • RoHS Compliant Electronic Contract
    • US manufacturing with no outsourcing
    • Committed to continuous improvement

    Turn Capabilities

    • 1 to 5 days production turnaround times
    • We promise to meet or exceed promised delivery dates
    • Productions runs in the order of 10K+ units / year

    Specifications and Tolerances

    • Resistors and Capacitors to 0105
    • BGAs to .254mm
    • Fine Pitch to 0.4mm


    • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
    • ITAR facility: US staff fully ITAR trained
    • IPC 610-A capable


    What makes FreeWave different? 

    We’ve been behind our customers’ success for nearly three decades. Our experience and certified processes have made FreeWave a trusted name in numerous industries. We help clients take advantage of every opportunity today, so they’re ready for tomorrow.

    FreeWave – 27 years of experience, innovating everyday for tomorrow’s IIoT.


          FreeWave – 27 years of experience, innovating everyday for tomorrow’s IIoT

          Please contact us today to see how we can meet your contract production needs.