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Contract Manufacturing

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FreeWave brings more than two decades of experience in manufacturing technology products. Our experienced, US-based, engineering and manufacturing teams provide fast material acquisition, design, and assembly for PCB-related projects.

Many of today’s businesses are faced with the need to scale, due to new client opportunities, increases in demand, change management, or global environmental challenges.

Businesses must shift their R&D and manufacturing capabilities to support emerging opportunities. FreeWave helps clients scale their operations and implement capability and capacity based on fluctuating demands. Contract manufacturing is the best way to maintain business continuity and output when our global economy is disrupted.

We are here to help with numerous options for electronics manufacturing. 

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FreeWave Capabilities

FreeWave Capabilities

Pick and Place Requirements

Components 0402 and up through components requiring a 72MM reel [45mm component size].

  • Evaluating 0201 packages.
  • Machine advertised capability down to 0105.
  • Vacuum pick up components only.
  • Tray components, Max 20 per board [.25 max height ea.].
  • Minimal SMT hand add components.*Evaluated on a case by case basis.

Components supplied by the customer.

  • Minimum 10% overage for production [not less than 10 extra components per Reference Location]. One fully populated panels for process development.
  • Tape and reel preferred.
    * Minimum 12” lead on tape.
    * No cut tape splices.
FreeWave Capabilities

PCB Panel Restrictions

  • Maximum panel length in X 12 inches.
  • Maximum PCB thickness 4 mm.
  • Singulated panel design.
  • Double sided boards ok.
  • Fiducials on the boards and not on the panel frame.
  • Screen printed reference locations on the PCB
  • Preferred: No HASL finish.

FreeWave Capabilities

Additional Capabilities


  • Testable assemblies.
  • Test requirement specifications.
  • Prefer functional test capability.
  • Deployable testing.
  • Can supply test development through NRE.


  • Full ASCII.
  • Gerber.
  • Panel.
  • Stencil.
  • Panel drawing or dxf.
  • Independent BOM with mfg pn’s and datasheets.

Mechanical assembly:

  • Evaluated case by case.

Leaded or Lead-free Screen Print:

  • 29 X 29 X 1 inch tubular frame.

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