Webinar (8/4/2017): Develop a Process Control App with Node-RED and the ZumLink IPR Programmable Radio

The ZumLink IPR App Server Radio is more than simply a radio.  It combines simple PLC functionality and radio communications in one platform to reduce costs and simplify operations. With ZumLink IPR you can develop process control Apps on the radio itself.

This Webinar shows how this revolutionary system works.
• Connect Analog, Digital and Modbus Sensors with ZumLInk IPR
• Collect, Store and Process data
• Visualize analytics with the IIoT
• Learn how to join the ZumLink IPR Pilot Program to develop Apps

Register for Webinar on Friday, August 4, 2017:
9am (MST) Session
1pm (MST) Session

Greg Corey, Systems Engineer, FreeWave Technologies
Michelle Marceny, Product Line Manager, FreeWave Technologies

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