April 5 Webinar (Recorded Version) – New WAVECONTACT Modular Wireless System

You demand rugged, simple, flexible and affordable wireless communications for your operations. FreeWave delivers once again, and is pleased to announce our NEW WAVECONTACT Modular Wireless System.

It’s tough, intuitive and flexible.  In short, it’s everything you demand from wireless systems at an affordable price point. Built for short-range C1D1 applications, WAVECONTACT interfaces with almost any sensor in the field and is ideal for oil & gas, electric power, and water/wastewater.

Please click HERE or contact our sales team to order this ground-breaking new tech from FreeWave today!

Click here to listen to the recorded webinar.


Potential Applications:

    • Tank level monitoring
    • Tubing & casing pressure monitoring
    • Remote well shutdown
  • Chemical injection/flow measurement
  • Gas monitoring (vented & flared, biogas)
  • Temperature monitoring (Flare stack, separator, compressor, tanks)
  • Fluid flow measurement
  • Salt water disposal
  • Remote sensor configuration

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