All Eyes on the Edge: Transformation of Industrial Enterprise Data

Practical Insights to Leverage the Benefits of the Edge

90% of industrial enterprises will use edge computing by 2020. In this white paper, Frost & Sullivan and FreeWave explain the key operational advantages behind this rapid push to the edge and offer actionable insights for your operation. You’ll find:

  • What the framework of a full edge ecosystem looks like, from controls, compute power, and connectivity needed to analytics and applications enabled.
  • How to introduce edge computing into your own industrial network today with a model that allows for rapid iteration over time.
  • Realized edge computing benefits from actual enterprises across industrial sectors.

You’ll find valuable insights from Frost & Sullivan’s Automation and IIoT Industry Director Ram Ramasamy as he discusses the paradigm shift to the edge and how FreeWave provides a future-ready, ruggedized solution for industrial edge computing today.