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HTPlus Industrial 900 MHz Ethernet Radio

The FreeWave Technologies' HTPlus is a leap forward for customers who need an industrial grade high speed Ethernet radio that operates in harsh environments and noisy RF conditions. The 900 MHz HTPlus offers industrial serial and Ethernet wireless connectivity using the license-free spread spectrum for data communication over long distances.

Product Highlights

• A rugged and reliable solution that performs where other products fall apart
• Maintains high sensitivity even in marginal conditions
• Supports TCP, UDP, and serial communications, all in one package
  HTPlus High-Speed 900 MHz Ethernet Radio

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HT-PE Ethernet Radio Key Features

High Speed: Up to 867 kbps over-the-air throughput
Point-to-Point Range: 15 mile range with clear line of sight, up to 30 miles at lower data rate
Versatile: Operates as a Gateway, Repeater or End Point
Secure: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology and AES encryption prevent unauthorized access


HT-PE Data Sheet

HTP-900RE and HTP-900SEO   Download HTPlus Data Sheet

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