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The FreeWave 900 MHz, FGR2-IO Series provides outstanding performance and versatility in wireless transmission of process-control signals. FGRIO offers “transparent” acquisition, transport and reconstruction of analog, digital and power signals, eliminating the need for associated buried wiring. The RTU requires no altered programming. The FGR2-IO Series is Class 1 Division 2 approved and is lower-cost and provides better signal integrity than vulnerable wiring. The FreeWave FGRIO-M Master can be used for wire replacement networks, while the FGR2-IOS Endpoint radio can be used for wire replacement and serial Modbus networks.  
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  • Affordable: Low installation and long-term maintenance costs

  • Low Latency: Less than one second signal delay

  • High Accuracy: FGRIO System analog signal

  • Short Range/Low Power: Suitable for solar powered installations

  • Error Free Communications: 32 bit CRC with automatic retransmission

  • Industrial Grade Specifications: 100% tested for RF performance from -40ºC to +75ºC

  • Input Voltage Range: Input voltage range is +6 to +30 VDC* at full RF output power

  • Noise Immunity: Superior performance in noise congested environments

  • Secure: Proprietary Spread Spectrum Technology prevents unauthorized access

  • Wire Replacement: FGRIO System accuracy is not diminished

    • Endpoint Radio: Accepts 2 Digital Inputs (DI), 2 Analog Inputs (AI), switches 2 Digital Outputs (DO), and 2 Analog Outputs (AO)

    • I/O Master Radio: 12 I/O points connect up to 4 Endpoints and provides Link and Command Alarm signals.

  • I/O Expansion boards allow for up to 188 I/O points with radio base

*Input voltage range may vary, see product data sheet 

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 Model  Communication Interface  Form Factor  Spec Sheet
 RS-232/RS-485/RS-422  Expansion 
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 FGR2-IOS  RS-232/RS-485/RS-422  Board Level  View / Download
 RS-232/RS-485/RS-422  Board Level  View / Download

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