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LRS415 406-430 MHz Serial Data Radio

The LRS415 family of licensed spectrum data radios provide outstanding performance and versatility for data communication in telemetry and SCADA applications. The LRS415 covers the 406.1 to 430 MHz bands, and is available as a board level or ruggedized enclosure.

Product Highlights

• Reduces network costs by minimizing the need for network infrastructure
• Allows you to extend your wireless data communication over extensive distances and in challenging RF environments
• Provides both flexibility and ease of installation with your new or existing equipment
• Moves mission critical data quickly, allowing for minimal data packet overhead
• It's proven design provides years of problem free operation and reduced cost of ownership
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LRS415 Data Radio Key Features

High Speed: 9.6 or 19.2 kbps over-the-air throughput on a 12.5 kHz channel
Long Range: 70 mile range with clear line of sight with the ability to extend further through the use of a Repeater
Versatile: A single radio can operate simultaneously as a Gateway or Repeater
Noise Immunity: Superior performance in noise congested environments


LRS415 Data Sheet

LRS415-C/LRS415-T and LRS415-CE
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