The LRS415 family of radios provides reliable, robust RF links for your telemetry and SCADA networks internationally. As the newest radio to FreeWave’s LRS radio line, the LRS415 covers the 406.1 to 430 MHz bands.

With a two watt transmitter and outstanding receiver sensitivity, the LRS415 supports data links of up to 70 miles line of sight thus reducing network costs by minimizing the need for network infrastructure.

With an industrial standard RS-232 or TTL data interface, the LRS415 provides both flexibility and ease of installation with your equipment – in service, and new. Once in service, the LRS415 moves your mission critical data quickly with an over-the-air data rate of 19.2 kbps, allowing for minimal data packet overhead.

The LRS415 is built upon the proven design of FreeWave’s LRS radio line, which results in years of problem free operation and reduced cost of ownership. Radio performance and reliability is backed by FreeWave’s outstanding 24x7 product support and professional services. The LRS415 as with all FreeWave radios is designed, manufactured and tested at FreeWave’s facility in Boulder, Colorado

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  • Versatile: Can operate as a Gateway, Repeater, Repeater/Remote or Remote

  • Long Range: Up to 70 miles with Line of Sight (LOS)

  • Transmitter: Up to 2W, programmable

  • Receiver:  -116 dBm sensitivity

  • Throughput: 9.6 or 19.2 kbps over-the-air throughput on a 12.5 kHz channel

  • Data Interface: RS232/RS422/RS485, user-programmable TTL available, factory option

  • Packaging: Ruggedized enclosure or board level, connectors on one side for DIN rail or panel mounting

  • Reliable: 100% tested over temperature (-30ºC to +60ºC) for guaranteed performance

  • Input Voltage: +6 to +27 VDC, Receive mode draws less than 100 mA at 12 VDC

  • Configuration: Use serial port or diagnostic port - setup menu and diagnostics, over-the-air configurable even at remote locations

  • Support Tools: Tool Suite, CLI

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 Model  Data Interface  Form Factor  Data Sheet 
 LRS415-T  TTL  Board Level  View / Download 
 LRS415-C  Serial  Board Level  View / Download 
 LRS415-CE  Serial  Ruggedized Enclosed   View / Download

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